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Check to see if your area is experiencing floods

The Environment Agency offers live flood updates for regions across the UK. Find out more about flooding in your area and make sure you and your property are prepared.

The Leaders in Flood Protection.

Talk to the Experts about Flood Barriers, Flood Doors and vital Flood Protection.

We provide a complete flood protection solution for homes and businesses in the UK. If you are experiencing a problem with flooding, we are here to help.

Stormguard Floodplan is company unlike any other in the Flood Protection industry. We are able to offer a Complete Flood Protection Solution and reliable flood defence systems that will protect any property from flooding.

We stand out from others in the industry as our method of installing Flood Defences ensures that when our Floodplan fitters leave your property it is completely protected from flooding. The Flood Barriers are measured, assembled and fitted on site and they can be installed within the day giving you peace of mind and assurance that your property can withstand any future flooding.

With thousands of Stormguard Floodplan protected homes across the UK, we are proud to always leave our customers satisfied. Our Flood Barriers come with a 3 year guarantee, Sump Pumps have a 3 year guarantee, and our Airbricks come with a 2 year guarantee. We understand that dealing with flood problems is stressful, so when you contact us we will take you through the solution step by step and put you back in control.

We operate quickly and deliver a complete solution which covers all flood related issues so get in touch today by using our contact form 
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David Jenner
David Jenner
Both professional and friendly throughout the whole process
n0body simS
n0body simS
We just wanted to say thanks to you and the team for our recent install. We loved the fact that everything was measured and cut exactly to size here on site, allowing for varying angles and old brickwork. Makes total sense to do it all on site! We actually have had to use it already! 12 days after installation. Flooding wasn’t anyway near as bad at last time, but it did what it was meant to - stop the water at the bridge and keep it off our property. Also, it stopped the bow waves coming from the cars that speed through the flooding to avoid stalling. These bow waves are water pushed the flood water over our thresholds and into the house. We feel safer for the first time since Storm Babet flooded our house for the first time ever in Oct 2023. It seems the weather and localised flooding is set to get worse in years to come and to be honest we felt very vunerable going into the future. We thought your price was very fair especially compared to some of your competitors. We also thought your system was the fastest and simplest to put up. There are only 8 parts to install on our barrier. It took my wife and me 6 minutes to install - and it was our first time : ) I'll put up some photos. Not that deep this time, but now we're ready for The Big One!
Karl Thomas
Karl Thomas
Great advice, professional service and friendly correspondence as well as prompt, easy-going installation. Nick was helpful and went the extra mile and Olivia was polite and quick to respond. Thank you!
Paul Mosley 38
Paul Mosley 38
I am very impressed with my flood defence system. It was installed in 1 1/2 days. I look forward to seeing it in action in the future. No more flooding to my property.
Christopher Austin
Christopher Austin
Very helpful and informative. Prompt service received considering current flooding situation. Kept us well informed and arrived early on day of installation. A very professional job made of gate barrier although hope never to have to use. Highly recommend
Carole Meads
Carole Meads
The installation was done quickly, cleaning and cheerfully, and the flood gates are light and. easy to use. I was very pleased with the service. Carole Meads
philip levene
philip levene
We are very pleased with our flood barriers. Stormguard were really efficient and the quality of the work and the service from the fitter was excellent. Thoroughly recommend this company.
Julia Seymour
Julia Seymour
Had three flood barriers installed at the weekend and though they haven't been tested yet, it feels good to have peace of mind knowing that I have them! Nick the fitter was lovely - professional, tidy and friendly - he did a great job of the fit. The barriers look good and the price was very competitive vs other companies who quoted. All communication and interaction with this company has been good. I would definitely recommend - thank you!
Gill Montia
Gill Montia
Excellent service and installation experience.
Jenny Reid
Jenny Reid
The product is really well made and user-friendly; the staff were super friendly and helpful - I would highly recommend.

Interview with BBC London: Flood Defences for your Home

Our trained professionals in flood protection explain some of the typical flood defences for the home we install for customers, and their benefits. Alastair Coutts is one of our flood prevention specialists and explains how the waterproof tanking will work to stop the property being flooded in the future.

Read our case study about the home in Marlow for more information about Tanking and the methods that we use to install flood protection.

Another Satisfied Customer

Watch this video taken by a relieved customer in Edinburgh, whose basement flat was left 100% protected from water coming back up the drains thanks to a flood barrier installation by Stormguard Floodplan.

You find more information on our Flood Barriers  here.

Common Flood Problems & How We Help

Have you been flooded in the past?

1000’s of people every year in the UK have to deal with the devastation of having their homes flooded. This is a situation that is often highly stressful, financially crippling and in some cases dangerous. If you have been flooded in the past it’s important that you find help to ensure it can never happen again.

The Floodplan solution.

You need to contact us and let us know your circumstances to enable us to give you expert, free advice. This is our ethic. Please remember that we have witnessed, and experienced your situation many times before and know exactly what to do to ensure it never happens again.

  • We know your situation
  • We have helped 100’s like you

You can’t get home insurance.

The Association of British Insurers recently told the government that it will no longer underwrite flood and coastal insurance payments where there is no improvement in existing defences. This means that it is now often necessary to acquire flood defences in order to obtain home insurance.

The Floodplan solution.

If you cannot obtain home insurance because of previous flooding circumstances or because you are living in a flood risk area, know that we work closely with specialists in this field so please call us for a chat. We offer the flood protection that the insurance companies are looking for and our customers have an incredible record of obtaining insurance when previously impossible prior to our defences being fitted.

Your home has just been flooded.

We understand that this is an extremely difficult time for you. Now that you have been flooded, your problems unfortunately will not stop when you have repaired the damage caused by the flooding. You are going to have insurance problems. Your property value may decrease with a history of flooding and you will be living in fear of it reoccurring.

The Floodplan solution.

Our complete solution will sort out insurance and property value issues as you will be protected against the problem reoccurring. In addition to this you can be at peace with the fact that you will never have to go through this again. Contact us immediately for free helpful advice and solutions. In all aspects of flooding, we know what you are experiencing and it is good to talk at a time like this.

You have bought some products that don’t work.

Unfortunately we have seen this happen time and time again. There are many low quality products available on the internet that will promise a lot and often seem like a bargain but unfortunately are just incapable of doing their job.

The Floodplan solution.

Please be wary of sending money and buying over the web, as there are a lot of bad products available. Stormguard Floodplan do not sell direct. We cut, make and fit everything on-site and only then do you pay. This is the only way to ensure you will get first class home flood protection.

  • Products that have proven to work
  • We cut, make and fit everything custom to your home, on site