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Flood Protection Experts – Stormguard Floodplan

Professional Flood Surveys from Flood Protection experts – Stormguard Floodplan

Stormguard Floodplan offer a flood assessment survey to all of our customers. Our Flood Protection experts will visit the property and assess the needs and highlight problems areas that could be at risk during a flood. Once they have made their assessment, Flood Protection Products will be recommended for you property which when implemented can protect a property from potential future flooding. Our Flood Protection experts are able to offer helpful advice and tips to any of our customers that are suffering from a flooding problem.

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Custom Work Done On-Site

One of the things that sets Stormguard Floodplan apart from other Flood Protection companies is our technique of carrying out custom work on site at your property. All of Stormguard Floodplan Flood Boards are cut to size to the exact millimetre which will ensure the perfect fit. This method certifies that the Flood Barrier is 100% effective when in use and can be relied upon to stop flood water. There is no greater mistake than using an inaccurate Flood Barrier to protect a property as it can cause problems when dealing with a flood situation.

No Deposit Required

Stormguard Floodplan are proud to say that we will not take a penny up front for any work undertaken at your property. Many other flood defence companies that ask for up to 60% before work begins however we feel that it is beneficial to our customers to offer payment on the satisfactory completion of all work undertaken. Once we can be sure that the customer is pleased with the work carried out and knows how to properly use and take care of the products we are happy to take payment.

Insurance Benefits

Stormguard Floodplan often work with property owners that are having a hard time gaining fair and reasonable Flood Insurance quotes. Many companies require evidence of the potential flood risks to a property and to see proof of appropriate Flood Prevention work carried out at a property. By undertaking a Flood Survey with Stormguard Floodplan we can highlight these risks in a report for the insurance company which will allow them to fully understand your circumstances and the measures you are taking to stop future flooding.

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