Removable post flood fence barriers

Protecting businesses and homes from flooding requires a thorough flood prevention strategy that encompasses several methods of stopping water from entering. By employing multiple lines of defence, property owners have a better chance of warding off flood waters and reduce any damage done to the grounds or the building and its contents. As flood prevention experts, Stormguard Floodplan always recommend a flood barrier as the first line of defence.

Who Are They For?

The great thing about flood barriers is that they can be retrofitted onto any home and as they are cut to size on site, any property can benefit from them. According to The Met Office there are over 5.2 million properties in the UK that are at risk of flooding, meaning that at least 5.2 million people could utilise a flood barrier! If a building is near a water source such as a river, canal or the sea then they are at the greatest risk of flooding, but of course, with heavy rain in the UK regularly in the winter months, anywhere that is low lying or a flood plain is equally at risk.

Flood Barrier Benefits

Flood barriers are a cheap but effective way to protect a property and are simple to install when the flooding risk is high. Designed to slot into doorways, windows or other larger entry points to a building, flood barriers stop water to a certain level by forming a physical barrier and an airtight seal. Unlike other methods of flood protection, flood barriers can be removed when not in use, meaning they wont impact the overall aesthetic of a building.

Our flood protection experts can create flood barriers for garages, patio doors, industrial properties and even garden gates, just inquire with our team today by calling 01260 289 089.