With the Christmas period in full swing, many of us will be buying gifts, stocking up on food treats, and getting ready to celebrate with family. As joyful as this time can be, the weather can often put a dampener on things, impacting upon travel plans and in extreme cases, our homes. Keeping your property well-protected against extreme weather is essential over this period, to prevent the possibility of devastating flooding from ruining your Christmas. At Stormguard Floodplan, we provide complete flood protection for homes and businesses, with our wide range of defence solutions including flood doors, barriers, sump pumps and more.

FREE Flood Protection Survey

If you’re concerned about flooding affecting your home, we offer our FREE flood survey for properties across the UK. During your survey, our experts will carry out a thorough assessment of your home, highlighting areas that may be at risk during flooding. We will then recommend which of our flood protection solutions will effectively protect these areas from water penetration. For those who have previously experienced flooding, our team can also provide helpful tips and advice in addition to our protection products, to prevent re-occurrence.

Custom Flood Defence Solutions

Following your free flood survey, our team will lay out a plan for installing your new flood defence solutions. Each installation is carried out to your property’s exact specifications and measurements, with our team completing custom work if required. From waterproofing brickwork, to our robust flood fencing, we strive to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Our flood barriers and sump pumps come with a 3-year guarantee, and our airbricks come with a 2-year guarantee, to keep your home protected for the future.

Protect Your Property

For more information about our flooding solutions, or to enquire about receiving your FREE no-obligation flood survey, contact our team at Stormguard Floodplan today. Call us on 0333 258 6724, or email info@floodplan.co.uk.