If your property has ever been hit by flooding, the chances are you’ve considered flood defences to protect it at all costs. One of the first ports of call is to protect the obvious entry sites to the building, with doorways the most obvious source of potential water ingress. Choosing between a flood door and a flood barrier for this application can be difficult and we’re often asked which is the best solution. Whether you’re considering changing your defences or need help deciding, we’ve put together a guide to help.


One of the primary concerns most people have when installing flood defences is that it they may need to be removable. Flood barriers are a good solution for people who want to be able to install a defence when flooding risk is high, only to remove it the rest of the time, as this is exactly what can be done with a flood barrier. Although the barrier itself can be stored in between uses, the slots will need to remain in place, but these are unobtrusive and discreet. Flood doors, on the other hand, are a permanent fixture that cannot be removed between uses but do offer properties protection all of the time.


Flood doors are a great investment for those who are looking to protect home with traditional front doors, back doors and even patio doors, but if other entryways such as garages and sheds need to be protected, a flood door isn’t always suitable or practical in these instances. While flood doors are standardised in sizes, flood barriers can be cut to different sizes to suit different doorways, allowing sheds, outbuildings, garages and other domestic buildings to be protected too.


Of course, with any addition to a home, the way a flood defence looks when installed can affect the decision to install one or not. Flood barriers, although simple in appearance sit across the bottom of doorways and can stand out, whereas flood doors are available in a range of different styles, materials and colours, and just look like an average door.

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