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If you are reading this page, chances are your home or business has been affected by flooding or flood damage. At Stormguard Floodplan, we fully understand the devastating damage a flood can inflict upon you, both financially and emotionally. The results of flooding can be catastrophic. But there is a solution…

We cannot undo the damage of past flooding events, but we can certainly make sure you are protected from it ever happening again (and unless you have permanently vacated the property and moved to a different area, chances are that you will be at risk of future flooding).

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You may have arrived on our website because you’ve recently had your first experience of flooding, or it could be that you’ve assessed the risk and want to install flood defences and avert disaster before it happens (a very wise decision!). Either way, you are not alone, especially if you are seeking a residential flood barrier – something that we’re called in for more and more each year.

What you need right now is clear, professional advice from flood defence experts on the best protection options for your home or business.

At Stormguard Floodplan, the first thing we do is establish your flood defence needs with our FLOOD SURVEY.

We’ll visit at a time that suits you, assess your needs and highlight any problem areas.

Appreciating there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, we’ll make uniquely tailored recommendations that best suit your property, the area you live and of course, your budget. We devise entirely bespoke flood protection solutions for your unique circumstances. That’s why Stormguard Floodplan is the UK’s Number 1 supplier and installer of domestic and commercial flood defences.

Contact us now for a fast and friendly solution to your business or home flood protection needs.

Flood Door or Flood Barriers:

What is best for me?


Jargon Buster: ‘Flood Barriers’

A Flood Barrier, or “Flood Board”, differs from a Flood Door in that it is not a permanent fixture of your home or business. it is essentially a flood barrier for doors, rather than referring to the door itself.

In times of potential flood, door barriers are a fast, efficient solution for areas where flooding may be more predictable or seasonal and where permanent, fixed flood defences are not required. Fitted in seconds, they will stop flood water in its tracks!

At Stormguard Floodplan we’ve made it easy to choose the temporary barrier best suited to your needs, whether it’s for your home or business premises.

Flood barriers offer stylish, convenient protection for patios, garage doors, industrial and domestic environments. They are also suitable for fire exits and are rigorously tested to BSI Standards.

Installation is quick and is undertaken by our expert team. They fit in seconds, and once fitted, you only need to slide the barrier in place to create a water tight seal

No fiddly tools or clips needed! Flood barriers can be stored away safely when not in use and they all come with our no-quibble 3-year guarantee

We have a range of barriers on offer below. Not sure which is best for you? Then please do contact us and we’ll be happy to advise.

Flood Boards for All Environments

Both offer genuine protection but typically meet different individual needs, so one product may suit your circumstances more than the other. We’ll happily make sure you get the best possible advice regarding both options so that you can make an informed decision based on all the relevant information.

For more information about the Flood Barrier contact us or give us a call on 0333 258 6724. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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