A flood barrier sounds like a general term for flood protection, but at Stormguard Floodplan, we are specialists. When it comes to flood defences, a flood barrier fitted in front of your door is an effective way of preventing flood water from seeping into your building. If you would prefer to fit an impermanent solution so you can work around adverse weather warnings, a flood barrier just might be the best idea for you.

You’re In Control

There is never a 100% given in science and we aren’t your ordinary salesperson. However, we are flood protection specialists who can supply you with flood barriers that are watertight and easily fit onto your door. If you live an area regularly affected by flooding or have just moved address, a flood barrier is a must-have for you to easily administer a flood protection measure that comes off just as easily. Flood barriers give you full autonomy – it performs its given role for as long as you need it to while your overall aesthetic remains the same.

Easy to Store Away

Both homes and workplaces can benefit from a temporary flood barrier – even fire exits can benefit from a flood barrier. Flood doors are a good alternative if you find the threat of flooding increases in this climate change-stricken world. Flood doors are a permanent solution that can be designed to match your home or in your chosen colour. Watertight flood barriers can be stored away easily when they are not in use and there are no daunting tools or clips involved!


Contact Us About Flood Barriers

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