Protecting your home from flooding requires a comprehensive flood strategy that includes many different types of installation. Just like in any defence, having several lines that work together is the best option at preventing damage from floodwater, protecting valuable assets and warding off costly repairs. Stormguard Floodplan are flood prevention experts and we always recommend the first line of defence be a flood barrier.

Why Barriers?

Flood barriers are one of the most effective defences as they can be installed at any property, commercial or residential and in any door way. According to the Met Office there are over 5 million properties in England alone that are at risk of flooding and every single one of them could benefit from a bespoke flood barrier. Those who live or work near a coast, river, canal or any other source of water can garner the most benefit from this type of installation as they are statistically more likely to experience flooding in periods of heavy rain. However, anyone in low lying land can ward off flooding with the help of a barrier weather it be caused by flash flooding, blocked drains or saturated fields.

What Benefits?

Investing in a flood barrier is a cheap and effective way of protecting a property as they are cut to size on site, offering a snug fit that is unique to each and every entrance. This allows for more comprehensive protection that an off the shelf model and is more likely to prevent floodwater ingress too. Another key draw of flood barriers is that they can be installed when needed and stored away safely when not. This means it won’t impose on the appearance of the property or cause any obstruction in the doorway when it is not necessary for safety.