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Over five million properties in the United Kingdom are at risk of flooding. With flood damage costs in the region of 1.1 billion pounds per annum it’s imperative that homes in flood risk areas have robust flood defences in place. One of the most robust defences you can invest in is flood fencing. Flood fencing can stop flood waters at the boundaries of your property, keeping your home safe.

How does flood fencing work?

The Stormguard Floodplan system of flood fencing works by combining PVC fencing with patented flood seals. The strong PVC boards and posts provide significant protection to the lateral force generated by a flood. These posts and boards are dug in under the ground to ensure the best possible strength. The boards are then sealed with our own watertight insulation which prevents water from getting through the gaps in the fencing. Tests have shown that the fencing is highly resilient to flood water and can stop flooding up to 1.8 metres (6 feet) in height.

Built to last!

Our flood fencing comes with a 3 year guarantee. We can ensure that the fencing will be as effective as time goes by as it is on the day that we install it. Even if the fence is exposed to flood waters it is designed to be a no maintenance system. Even if the flood waters exert enough lateral force to move the board, the fencing will revert to its original state and position without any remedial work needed. The PVC Fencing is highly resistant to deterioration and is unaffected by long exposure to water and most chemicals. There is simply no better material for flood fencing!

A choice of colours

We offer a range of colours when you order flood fencing from us. All colour options blend well with outdoor surroundings and masonry of surrounding buildings. The options for colours are shown below.

Trusted by our customers!

We recently carried out a installation of flood defences at a housing association in Aberdeen. As part of the the install the association asked us to install flood fencing around their properties to add an extra layer of flood defence.

Using flood fencing as a gate barrier

At the request of several customers we have also been offering an excellent way of making flood defences much more aesthetically pleasing in outdoor locations. As shown in the picture we have fitted the fence panels in place of the standard white flood barriers. These fencing flood barriers can be cut to fit to size for any gate.

The barriers have the same properties as our flood fencing. The main difference to the fencing is that the panels are removable and allow you to keep the access routes open. With these barriers our customers are satisfied they have 24/7 flood protection which fit in with the aesthetics of the area.

We also recently installed similar flood fencing barriers at a home in Exmouth. The home had an existing wall and gate build which had proven time to be highly resilient to flooding. However, this wall and gate were blocking off a rear area of the property which the new owners of the home saw as an ideal place to use as off road parking. Again, the owners had the idea of using flood boards across the gap, but were much happier with the use of the flood fencing barriers which would give 24/7 protection against flooding and would look far better at the rear of the property. The fencing is removable and allows full access to the rear of the property.

Flood Fencing used in commercial properties

Flood Fencing can also be used to protect commercial properties. The above pictures show the installation of flood fencing at Oak Mall shopping centre in Greenock. The choice to use flood fencing was due to the ease in which the defences could be deployed when required. The amount of storage space required to keep the fencing panels was also much lower than the space needed to store sandbags on the premises. Make flood defence of your commercial property easier by switching to flood fencing today!


Talk to the flood fencing experts

At Stormguard Floodplan we pride ourselves on our expert knowledge and professional service. If you are interested in having flood fencing installed at your home then make sure that you talk to us, even if it is just for a quote. We cut and fit all products ourselves on site, meaning that you get a solution tailored to your home, something few others in the field offer.

If you would like to learn more about our flood fencing or arrange a free survey of your home then give us a call on 0333 258 6724. Alternatively use our online contact form to get in touch. We can promise that the installation of flood fencing is one of the best investments that you can make!

How Flood Fencing Weathers Over Time

As with any kind of fencing, Flood Fencing will weather naturally over time. Unlike traditional timber fencing, Flood Fencing will only fade in colour rather than rot and decay outlasting timber fencing by many years. The position and exposure to the elements will determine the speed of this colour change. Stormguard Floodplan Ltd can’t guarantee that over time the flood fencing won’t deface in colour due to position and exposure to the weather.

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