With the beginning of rainy autumn weather upon us, many people will be considering how to keep their home well protected. Unfortunately, heavy rain can often lead to flooding in many areas, particularly after the record-breaking dry weather of the recent summer months. According to a government survey, over 5.2 million properties in the UK are in an area likely to be affected by floods. Even more alarming than this, 67% of people within these properties are unaware of the flood risk facing them.

Getting professionals to carry out a flood survey on your home is vital, in order to ensure that you don’t face unprecedented damage and repair costs during a flood. Here at Stormguard Floodplan, we offer our FREE flood surveys, which will assess the potential flood risk of your home, and recommend any actions that should be taken to protect your property.

Why Get a Flood Survey?

For those residing in, or looking to buy or sell in a flood risk area, a flood report is essential before you can obtain a mortgage. Our professionals can identify and complete any work that may be required to allow your property to be mortgaged. Not only are flood surveys important for those knowingly living in a flood risk area, but for anybody who owns a property – a flood survey can identify if your home is compromised, before recommending any actions that should be taken to protect it. Additionally, our free flood reports can detect if your property has incorrectly been categorised as having a high risk of flooding; this can then lead to much lower insurance premiums, saving you money.

Check your Property’s Flood Risk

If the flood survey states that your property is at high risk from floods, the report will also recommend what measures can be taken. At Stormguard Floodplan, we provide and install a vast range of flood protection services, including flood doors, sump pumps, and flood barriers, amongst more. After completing your required flood prevention works, not only will you be provided with peace of mind, but also with a certificate of compliance showing that your property is no longer at high risk.

To arrange your FREE flood survey with our experts, contact one of our advisors today. Call 0333 258 6724, or email us at info@floodplan.co.uk.