Over our years of service, sump pumps have proven to be effective, reliable machines that protect homes and businesses across the country against the disasters of flooding. We are so confident in the aptitude and build of these systems that we are able to offer a 3-year guarantee on every single one installed by us.

How They Work

Traditionally, sump pumps have been viewed as a method of removing flood water once the damage has been done. Whilst this is still the case, our revolutionary under floor sump pumps act as a layer of protection against flooding by typically being installed in the lowest part of your basement. Here your sump pump will be able to remove flood water quickly and efficiently, especially in the case of groundwater flooding. The sump pumps we install are capable of pumping 2,650 gallons of water each and every hour.
Additionally, we are able to install battery packs in the event that flooding disrupts energy supply to your sump pump. This means that your sump pump will be able to keep on working when everything else is down and can pump 11,000 gallons of water on one charge. The battery will automatically recharge when power is reconnected.

More Flood Defences

Explore more flood defences for commercial and domestic properties from Stormguard Floodplan today. Depending on the level of flood vulnerability, your property may require several defences to be put in place. The defences we supply range from tanking to sewage defence and many more.

Free Quote

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