It is no secret that climate change has put the UK at increased risk of flooding. If you live in a high-risk area, you need to have flood protection measures in place. Flood barriers, sump pumps, flood doors and more measures can all protect your home or business from flooding but what happens when there are no measures in place? Let’s explore some of the most savage floods in history.

Homes on Floodplains

Flooding occurred across England in 2019 and 2020 that was so severe, it caused many homeowners to think about the flood risk level of the area they live in. Rather than be forced to change your life entirely due to the increase in flooding caused by the temperamental nature of climate change, why not put some robust flood protection measure in place? Stop floodwater from entering your home when there is a threat with portable flood barriers that are easy to administer and store when not needed. Or you could arrange for the installation of flood doors that can be designed to match your home and contain similarly impressive flood protection properties. Our team are here to help to turn your home into a defended fortress against flooding, so we offer expert flood surveys that only recommend you take action if and when you need to.

2004: Cornwall

The most extreme flash flooding ever recorded in Britain took place in Cornwall in 2004. Boscastle was hit by intense rainfall lasting two hours that burst the banks of two rivers and triggered a huge rescue mission. The response was efficient from the emergency services in the nearby area – presumably because Cornwall is a high-risk area for flooding so they were prepared for a similar event to one day take place. Nevertheless, shops and homes were flooded, and these livelihoods were likely lost unless they had installations like flood doors in place.

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