As the climate continues to warm up, the IPCC has now delivered a final warning about preventing potential disasters from striking the planet. In addition to the extreme temperatures seen in the UK last summer, climate change has also caused an increase in the risk of unpredictable weather systems, leading to prolonged periods of heavy rainfall and flash flooding. With more homes than ever across the country at risk, reducing the impact of potential flooding is vital; at Stormguard Floodplan, we provide flood solutions that can keep your property protected against water ingress.

Experienced Flood Surveyors

If you are unsure where to begin with flood mitigation strategies for your home, our qualified flood surveyors can help. We provide free no-obligation inspections that will take into consideration your existing building and layout, as well as the land your property lies on. Our resulting survey will highlight the measures that can be taken in order to protect your home in the case of extreme weather. Additionally, our flood surveys can help you to save money – if your property has been wrongly categorised as being at high risk of flooding, our surveys can prove that you are in fact eligible for lower insurance premiums.

Flood Protection Strategies

In the case that your home requires additional flood defence systems, we offer a number of solutions that can reduce the impact of flooding. Our flood protection products and services range from waterproofing your existing external walls with our clear sealant solution, and installing flood doors to your entryways, to installing a sump pump which can reduce the damage caused by below ground flood water.

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