In the UK, millions of people live in flood prone areas, and if you’re one of them then it’s likely that you’ve spent a lot of time deliberating over flood defences. While some are cheaper than others, you often get what you pay for and when it comes to flooding, investing in flood doors, flood barriers and sump pumps now might seem like a big financial commitment, but in the long run can save thousands of pounds that would otherwise be incurred by floodwater entering the home. Whatever your budget, our flood defence experts can design a solution that protects your home, your assets and your money.

Basic Plan

At the very least, we recommend that all properties in a flood prone area make use of flood doors, on each entry point of the home. These look like any other front door, but work to prevent water leaking into the home from the largest entry points there are. By having a tight seal our models can stop water from 0.6m of water and can withstand large amounts of pressure from moving bodies of water, making them ideal in rainwater, river or tidal flooding events.


We would always recommend having more than one line of defence against flooding, whether that is inside or outside the home. Installing flood fencing on the perimeter of a house can prevent water from ever entering the grounds of a house, by blocking surges and holding back water thanks to their extremely deep foundations. Couple this with a flood door and you’ll have a back up defence if water makes it way over or past the fencing.

Full Range

Depending on how high your properties flooding risk is, we can offer a full range of products. This can include any and all of; flood doors, flood barriers, tanking, waterproofing, sewage flap valves, sump pumps and airbricks, designed to protect your home from every angle.

For more information about flood defences or to book a winter flood survey, call us on 01260 289 089.