For those who live in homes that are set in a flood-prone area flood prevention methods are an absolute necessity but one of the most common concerns is how these will affect the appearance of the building once they are installed. Although their importance can’t be overstated, installations like flood barriers and flood gates can create a bit of an eyesore on a property but there are also a range of ‘invisible’ defences that act to protect properties, without being noticeable visually!


Stormguard provides a vaxseal waterproof wall sealant that is a clear coating applied to internal or external walls and prevents water from penetrating the walls. Sitting on top of the surface, this breathable membrane is non-toxic and long-lasting, providing up to 5 years of protection before needing to be reapplied. An added benefit of this flood defence is that it also helps to reduce thermal loss from the home which can reduce the amount of energy you use heating it, resulting in lower bills over time.


Much like waterproofing, tanking is a waterproof membrane that is applied to the floor and walls of a basement, designed to stop water ingress from rising groundwater. After periods o prolonged heavy rain, the level of water beneath the surface of the ground naturally rises, which can result in lower levels of homes and businesses flooding. By inserting this barrier between the water table and the floor of the basement, homeowners are protected against large amounts of water seeping through.

Air Bricks

All properties have airbricks as a matter of ventilation but they all have small holes in, to allow airflow through the building. Our specially designed airbricks have a membrane inside of them that prevents water from seeping through in the event of a flood, making the far superior to the normal versions. These ‘invisible’ defences look just like a standard airbrick and come in a variety of colours.