Flooding is every property owner’s worst nightmare, with floodwaters often ruing assets, livelihoods, and possessions overnight. While controlling the rainfall is totally out of our hands, we can take preventive measures that help to ensure floodwaters are kept at bay and that homes and everything inside is protected from this damaging element.

Flood Gates

If the property in question has a garden, front lawn, driveway, car park or any other space around the building, then flood gates can act as the first barrier of defence. Protecting the perimeter, these flood defences can stop floodwater from even entering the grounds of your property, keeping it out at street level where there are much larger, more equipped drainage systems that can direct water under the roads at a faster rate. If the property in question has no surrounding space, then a flood door or flood barrier will be the initial stoppage defence, stopping water from entering at the largest and most obvious point of any home or business.

Protect Your Assets

Whether a warehouse, garage or shed, many home and business owners stash away expensive pieces of equipment, machinery or cars in these spaces and if flood water intrudes into them, the financial cost can be crippling. Protecting your assets means installing suitable flood defences in these areas such as flood fencing, tanking, waterproofing, air bricks and even sump pumps which can help pump any water that does get in, out.

Lines of Defence

No one flood defence is 100% reliable when it comes to protecting property from flooding and the best course of action is to use a couple of lines of defence. This means that if the 1st line fails, there are still forces in place that will prevent buildings from flooding and help to minimise any damage caused by the water levels. We’ve been installing flood defences for many years at lots of different premises and use of extensive knowledge to tailor a set of solutions that work in harmony and meet the unique requirements of the property.

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