Flooding can in your home is devastating enough, without having to also deal with unsanitary sewage. In built-up areas, excessive rainwater can often cause sewage systems to back up, with waste materials carrying into flood waters. To prevent your home’s drainage system from becoming overwhelmed during heavy rain, a simple valve can be installed onto your used water pipe to guarantee ongoing flood and sewage protection. Our team at Stormguard Floodplan will survey your drainage system, before implementing the most effective sewage flood prevention method for your property.

Non-Return Valves

Flap valves, also known as non-return valves, are devices which allow used water to effectively flow away from a building. The flap mechanism ensures that any back flow water caused by sewage flooding is not led back into the property, protecting your home from the ingress of sewage and wastewater. The valves are composed of sturdy UPVC piping, and are fitted onto the existing used water pipe, providing a simple yet effective solution to sewage flooding.

Backwater Non-Return Valves

Backwater valves are another protection system installed by our flood protection team, to protect other areas of your drainage outlets from sewage flooding. Available in 32mm, 40mm and 50mm sizes, these non-return valves can be fitted to your sinks, washing machine, dishwasher, and showers, preventing the waste materials from flowing back into your home. As well as stopping flood water ingress, non-return valves are an essential component used to prevent both noxious fumes and vermin entering your property via the sewer system.

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