Did the last set of floods catch you out? Looking to prevent that from happening in the future? Stormguard Floodplan can help. Our range of products are suitable for installation in both commercial and domestic properties, recommended for areas prone to flooding and to residents at ease. Our products include proven patented seals and more. From sump pumps to flood barriers, the Stormguard Floodplan team have you covered.

Depending on how your property is impacted by flooding, you might require different types of flood defence. For example, if you are particularly impacted by groundwaters you would benefit from tanking or sump pump installation. Alternatively, if you face surface water threats, products such as flood barriers, doors, or fencing, may be best. There is a chance a comprehensive installation could be of benefit to you. If you struggle with waste coming back up the pipes, we have a sewage solution which is also effective at keeping out vermin.

Flood Survey

In need of a flood survey? We can help there too. By knowing if your property is at risk of flooding you can properly prepare for worst case scenarios. Protect your homes, investments, workers, and loved ones with Stormguard Floodplan.

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To speak with the experts at Stormguard Floodplan, simply contact us by calling 01260 289 089  or emailing info@floodplan.co.uk now.