As the impacts of climate change become more noticeable in our daily lives, it can be worrying when thinking about how best to protect ourselves and our homes. In addition to the extreme high temperatures we have seen recently in the UK, another by-product of global warming is flooding. Caused by either heavy rainfall or tidal storm surges, the effects of flooding can be devastating. Luckily here at Stormguard Floodplan, we offer a wide range of solutions to protect your home from the event of flooding, with our experts providing a complete flood survey to give you peace of mind.

Free Home Survey

For those residing in flood risk areas, it is imperative that the right investments are made to protect your property. To assess your home for risk, our experts at Stormguard Floodplan can complete a free home survey, before recommending appropriate flood defences. These range from simple solutions that can be adapted into your property, such as Air Bricks and Flood Doors, to complete basement Tanking and Waterproofing. Often, our professionals will advise a combination of defences, to give your property the best protection against flooding.

Premium Quality and Expert Installation

Once we have established the right flood defence systems for your home, our experienced installers are on hand to measure, assemble and fit these into your property. Most of our solutions can be installed within a day, and with minimal disruption to your home. For extra assurance and peace of mind, we offer a 2 year guarantee on our Airbricks, and our Flood Barriers and Sump Pumps come with a 3 year guarantee. We are proud of our high levels of customer satisfaction, after already protecting thousands of homes across the UK.

Protect Your Home

Don’t leave your home unprotected against extreme weather and flooding – contact the professionals at Stormguard Floodplan today to prepare your property. Call 01260 289 089 or email for your free home survey.