With what often seems like a drastically changing environment, we know how important it is to think about protecting your home or business from the potential threat of flooding. Stormguard Floodplan are well versed in the variety of practical steps an individual can take to ensure no stone is left unturned.

The Flood Angel Airbrick is the worlds first British Standard airbrick to protect against flooding. This model allows air in whilst preventing the permeation of water with thanks to a removable mesh, which is ‘self-activated’ by a singular moving part. These airbricks are made from recycled materials, and are suitable for all types of houses, including listed buildings.

Our Flood Doors are exactly what you’d imagine. They’re a permanent way to stop floodwater in its tracks and debunk the preconceptions of the myth of the unsightly, cumbersome Flood Door.  All our doors are tried an tested against the standard set of required tests.

Flood Fencing combines PVC fencing with patented flood seals. The posts are dug in deep into the ground for secured strength. Testing has shown that this fencing can prevent flooding of up to six feet. Built to last, our flood fencing comes with a ten-year guarantee. These fences come in a choice of colours and are suitable for homes and businesses alike.

Vaxseal Waterproofing  is clear in colour, lasts up to five years and is applied to external stone or brick walls to prevent seepage. Vaxseal Waterproofing is 100% breathable and doubles up as a good way to reduce thermal loss.

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