Flooding in the UK is not just an issue for residential buildings – almost one in three commercial properties are at risk from some type of flooding, according to recent data from Aviva. This includes buildings residing in all types of locations, not just those within coastal areas or river basins. In the current cost of living crisis, the last thing that any business owner wants to deal with is sorting out the devastation caused by flooding; which is why it pays to be well-prepared for every eventuality. At Stormguard Floodplan, we can set up a reliable flood protection system for your commercial property, regardless of your business’ size.

Commercial Flood Protection Specialists

To understand how best to protect your commercial premises, our experts will start by carrying out our FREE flood survey. This comprehensive report will outline all of the risks that your property potentially faces, before detailing the flood protection solutions available that will meet your organisation’s needs and budget. We have extensive experience in securing a range of different commercial properties from flooding – including pubs, shopping centres, and water treatment plants – using both passive and reactive flood protection systems.

Our Commercial Flood Protection Systems

After establishing the vulnerable zones of your property which may be susceptible to flooding, we will recommend which of our flood protection systems will best fit your requirements. Our team can skilfully install a range of products, which includes flood barriers, flood fencing, and sump pumps, amongst many more. All of our mitigation services will provide an expert level of protection against flooding, giving you peace of mind that your business can continue to function following a flood.

Speak to Stormguard Floodplan

If you are looking to make sure that your commercial property is protected from future flooding, speak to our team at Stormguard Floodplan today for your free flood survey. Call us on 0333 258 6724, or email info@floodplan.co.uk.