Statistics estimate that over 5 million people live or work in a building that is at risk of flooding in the UK and most of them aren’t even aware of this risk. Flooding can be absolutely devastating to homes and businesses, costing thousands of pounds in damages that most don’t account for in their budgets. With the right flood defences in place though, buildings can mitigate damage done by high waters and our flood surveys can help homeowners and businesses to identify and control their risks.

Flood Survey

The first port of call in protecting a home from flooding is getting a flood-survey carried out by an accredited flood professional such as Stormguard Floodplan. We will visit your premises and meticulously examine several variables to determine how high flooding risk is and what measures need to be taken to prevent water ingress. If you decide to implement the recommendations from our flood-survey, our team will visit your home and complete the installation so you can rest assured we use our knowledge, experience and equipment to complete it to the highest prevention standards.

A Range of Defences

Just like any other type of defence, there needs to be several lines to truly protect a property. The first line of defence involves barricading the perimeter of the premises, to stop water from the streets entering into the grounds. This can be achieved with flood barriers and flood fencing, which aim to hold back the flow from overflowing rivers or grid systems. The second line of defence needs to be within the building itself in the form of flood doors, air bricks, waterproofing, sump pumps and sewage defence which aim to stop any water that has managed to seep onto the property, from entering into the building.

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