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Sewage Defence

Prevent sewage backing up and damaging
your property during floods

A complete sewage protection solution

Flap valves and backwater non-return valves fully installed

Prevent sewage backing up and damaging your property during floods

There are several methods we use to prevent sewage coming into a property. After surveying your property and sewer system we can implement the most effective method to suit your needs.

Here a few of the products we provide:

A Flap Valve:

The Flap Valve is a piece of piping that is fitted onto the used water pipe leading away from a property. It uses the flap mechanism to allow for the normal passage of used water to flow away from the building but the flap will not allow any overflow water caused by flooded sewage pipes back into a property. It is a 110mm thick pipe with the non-return valve fitted which once installed offers a permanent solution, protecting properties from sewage and waste water back flow into toilets and ground floor / basement bathrooms.

These products protect you against

  • Backflow flooding due to floods or sewer blockages
  • Vermin entering the property via the drains
  • Noxious fumes from the sewer system

Backwater non-return valves

Backwater non return valves are used to prevent any back-flow through the sink, dishwasher, and shower outlets. These are available in 32mm, 40mm and 50mm sizes.

If you’ve recently suffered from a flood, ensuring that you have the right flood prevention from your appliances backing up is essential for ongoing protection. By installing a non-return valve, the water is unable to go back inside your property and protects you from any sewage issues you could face in the event of floods.

Stormguard Floodplan’s Flap Valve

Sewage is one of the most unpleasant issues you will have to deal with if you are flooded.

Stormguard Floodplan’s Flap Valve is a permanent solution for keeping your home sewage free during a flood.

“Being flooded is bad enough without dealing with sewage in my living room.”

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