In recent decades, more people have found their homes lying in a flood risk area. With the unpredictable UK weather made worse by climate change, floods have become an unfortunate part of life for too many of us, making it harder and harder to get appropriate insurance on homes. If you have been flooded and received a pay-out for the damages, finding yourself no longer being able to obtain insurance at all can be extremely worrying. Simply living in a flood risk area can also mean astronomically high premiums to pay, despite never having been flooded. Luckily, here at Stormguard Floodplan, our expert advisors can assist you to get insurance for your home, at a premium that won’t break the bank balance.

Professional Flood Survey

Having a professional flood survey from Stormguard Floodplan carried out on your property gives you the best chance of obtaining insurance. During the survey, we will identify ways to reduce the risk of flooding and offer any necessary solutions to protect your home. In the case of your property having been wrongly categorised as a high risk of flooding, our flood survey alone can be enough for you to be eligible for reduced insurance premiums. Should your home require any additional flood defence systems, whether this be from a simple air brick to fully tanking a basement, our experts can carry out these works in a professional and timely manner. After the installation of these protections, we will provide you with a certificate of compliance that shows that your property is no longer at high risk and could be eligible for standard insurance.

Better Premiums

As insurance companies are ultimately looking to avoid risk, this can mean that some are simply not interested in covering properties which are prone to flooding. At Stormguard Floodplan, we will always aim to find you the companies that can provide flood insurance. Of course, the more that an insurance company knows about your home from our flood survey, the greater the chances are that you will be able to obtain a more favourable insurance premium.

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