Homes and businesses don’t have to be near a river or water source to be considered ‘at risk’ although obviously, they can be a large factor in flooding. Being in a valley, at the bottom of a large hill or in an area where the water table is high, are all other reasons a place becomes prone to flooding, that most people do not consider, or may not even be aware of. As rain falls and soaks into the ground, the water level below the surface of our streets rises and this often results in basements, cellars, dugouts or bunkers flooding, even if other areas of the home have not. Any home with an underground floor should consider installing a sump pump.

Reactive Solutions

Unlike other flood defences, sump pumps are a reactive solution, that focuses on dealing with floodwaters rather than preventing it from coming in. When the underground water level starts to rise, it can seep into these lower down rooms and there really is no prevention but having a sump pump installed ensures that the water level remains low. By pumping the water out of the basements and into the nearest storm drains, water is directed away from the property and the water level can remain at manageable levels, helping to reduce the overall damage done.

Back-Up Solution

Sump pumps are electrical installations, that rely on power so that they can pump water out. However, those in flood-prone areas know that when flooding hits, often the power supplies to large areas go down, leaving homes without electricity. All of the sump pumps we install have a battery backup system that accounts for this possibility and will kick in as soon as the traditional power fails, ensuring that water can be pumped out even when the electricity is out.

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