Flood Fencing from Stormguard Floodplan is a durable, lasting, and secure way to protect your domestic or commercial property from floodwaters. The Stormguard Floodplan Flood Fencing works by combining strong PVC boards and posts with our patented flood seals. Designed for maximum strength, these are flood defences you can rely on time and time again.

Testing has concluded that this method of flood defence can protect against floodwaters up to 1.8 meters in height (six feet). With a ten-year guarantee, this fencing is designed to act as a no maintenance system even when exposed to floodwater time and time again.

Unaffected by exposure to water and most chemicals, our flood fencing is highly resistant to deterioration. When it comes to flood fencing, there is simply no better combination than PVC and our patented seals.

Flood fencing can also be used for gating and comes in a range of fantastic colours designed to be as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Grey graphite, walnut brown, and natural green are all available for installation from Stormguard Floodplan.

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