Flood barriers, flood fences, sump pumps, flood angel airbricks, and waterproofing are crucial components of a comprehensive flood defence strategy. However, their effectiveness is heavily reliant on one key factor: regular maintenance. In this blog post we will cover the importance of maintaining your flood defences from Stormguard Floodplan.

Flood barriers and flood fences are frontline defences against rising waters. Whether it’s a temporary barrier erected in anticipation of an impending flood or a permanent flood fence guarding vulnerable areas, these structures require regular inspection and upkeep. Exposure to the elements, debris, and wear and tear can compromise their integrity over time. Ensuring that barriers are in good condition, free from cracks or weakened points, is essential for their optimal performance during a flood event.

Sump pumps play a pivotal role in preventing water accumulation within basements and lower level structures. These devices are designed to pump out excess water, safeguarding properties from potential damage. Regular maintenance, including checking for clogs, testing the pump’s functionality, and clearing debris is crucial to guarantee that the pump will operate effectively when needed most.

Flood angel airbricks are specially designed to resist water ingress while allowing ventilation in flood prone areas. These innovative airbricks play a critical role in minimising the risk of flood damage to properties. Regular checks ensure that airbricks remain unobstructed and capable of functioning as intended. Any blockages or damages should be promptly addressed to maintain their effectiveness in preventing water entry.

Waterproofing is a comprehensive approach that involves sealing various elements of a structure to make it impermeable to water. This includes sealing joints, cracks, and other vulnerable points. Over time, however, the effectiveness of waterproofing can diminish due to aging or external factors. Regular inspections and reapplications of waterproofing materials are necessary to uphold the protective barrier against water infiltration.

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