Autumn and winter are always the wettest seasons, with heavy rainfall, cold temperatures and just a higher percent of water in the air generally. This means that the risk of flooding is higher, particularly in lower lying areas and those near rivers or the coast. Everyone remembers the tragedy of the Christmas Day floods back in 2013 in Kent and again on Christmas Eve in 2015 in Leeds. Don’t let the most wonderful time of the year be tarnished by flooding, be prepared with a range of flood defences from Stormguard Floodplan.

Flood Survey

If you’re not sure what sort of flood defences would be best for your home, then our flood survey is a must. Our experts have multiple years of experience, have worked with all kinds of properties and have a fantastic working knowledge of all of our products, allowing them to combine all of this to create a fully tailored and bespoke flood defence design. By visiting your property and assessing all possible entry points for water and taking into consideration the many different types of flooding our team will then provide advice about what sort of defences are required and how many you will require.

What Products Are There?

Our flood defence catalogue is extensive and includes both permanent and removable aids. Flood doors, gates, fencing, tanking and sewage defence are all fixed measures which remain in place all year round and work in various ways to stop water from entering a property. These products are a firm favourite as flooding can strike at anytime and homeowners with fixed measures know their home is protected even if the water was to ride when they were away from home. Removeable measures also have their perks though and things like flood barriers can be installed whenever necessary, without imposing on the aesthetics of the property.

For more information about flood defences or to book a winter flood survey, call us on 01260 289 089.