Now that Winter has arrived, living in a flood prone area has increased risk at this time of year, with heavy rains and potential flooding always a possibility. Whether you’ve lived in your property for years or have only recently moved, the chances are you’ve spent a long time weighing up your options for defending your home against flooding. One of the most common things that puts people off installing flood barriers or flood gates is the imposition on the aesthetic of the home. With waterproofing though, you can protect your exterior without changing the appearance at all!

Waterproofing Explained

Our waterproofing service involves coating the entire exterior of a building with a solution that forms a strong, uniform, watertight surface on the outside of a building, that is basically invisible to the naked eye. Using our own brand vax seal waterproof wall sealant, the team spray this over exposed brickwork, leave it to dry and the let it protect your home from longstanding water for up to five years. As well as defending against flood waters, this flood defence can help to improve any existing damp conditions and even reduce thermal loss meaning it’s a cost-effective investment in more ways than one.

Other Defences

Of course, our flood protection experts always recommend that properties utilise a few flood defences, to ensure that any flood water is held back in as many ways as possible. While waterproofing is great for brickwork, it cannot be applied to windows and doors, so it’s best to protect these possible areas in another way. Flood doors are a great way to stop water entering from the largest entry point and now come in many styles that mimic traditional doors, so won’t affect the appearance of your home – you won’t even be able to tell it is a flood defence!