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Worcester Flood Door

The Worcester Flood Door.

A Worcester Flood Door from Stormguard Floodplan is a traditional door panel with a modern twist capable of producing your home from floods up to 900mm. There are a range of options in glass designs to ensure privacy, the Worcester is a perfect solution for any home. There are a range of options available when it comes to selecting your flood door. The Gallery below shows the range of glass panels that can be fitted into the flood door. There are many different colours of door available upon request. The Worcester has an area for a letter box to be installed. We do, however recommend against using a letterbox in the door itself. This is because the letterbox is an opening which during a flood could let in water.

What are the benefits of the Worcester Flood Door?

The Benefits of a Flood Door are:

  • The Flood Door offers permanent Flood Protection – No need for Sandbags!
  • One simple installation – save time in erecting defences.
  • Protection from flooding up to 900mm – more than adequate for 99% of homes.
  • A five year guarantee.

Testing and Certification.

Our flood doors have been tested against the standard set of tests as defined in PAS 1188-1:2014 which represent typical conditions that might be experienced during a flood in the UK. This includes testing the flood door for leakage under static water levels of 600mm above aperture threshold level, waves of up to 0.1 m High and parallel currents up to 1.0 mls.

Conformation of the flood doors to PAS 1188-1:2014 does not mean they are suitable for all buildings or locations. If you have any uncertainty about the suitability of the flood doors, then you should seek our professional guidance.

Any more questions?

For more information about the Costello call us on 01260 289 089. Our dedicated team are here to answer any questions about flood doors and to put your mind at ease. You can also fill in our online contact form and we will get in touch with you.

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