Flood fencing solutions from Stormguard Floodplan can defend your property from high and fast running floodwaters time and time again. Don’t wait for the banks to break, make sure your property is protected with help from the flood defence experts at Stormguard Floodplan.

Available in a variety of colours, our fencing is fantastic option. By combining PVC fencing and our patented seal, we have developed a defence that stands the test of time (and, of course, floods). Designed so that remedial work is unnecessary, the fencing is dug in to withstand waters up to 1.8  meters. All this, along with a 10-year guarantee, makes flood fencing from Stormguard Floodplan a practical and sensible choice for homes and businesses across the UK.

We can also convert part of your fencing into a gate barrier, meaning maximum flood protection can be secured across your property. The main difference between these gates and your fencing is that the panels are 100% removable if access is required onto your property.

Other Flood Defences

Our range of flood defences encompass everything from flood doors to sump pumps, so whatever the size, type, or risk of your property, our team can supply and install specialist units.

Stormguard Floodplan

Contact the team at Stormguard Floodplan today in order to discuss the installation of flood fencing. Call 01260 289 089 or email info@floodplan.co.uk now.