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Step 1: You Contact Us

You get in contact with us.

You can use the contact form below, email us at or even give us a call on 01260 289 089

Give us rough dimensions (we make and fit on site – a few mm out is not a problem) of your entrance ways and outside walls. Do you have vents etc.

Step 2: We survey the house

We dispatch one of our qualified flood surveyors who will then come round to your home and assess your situation.

The surveyor will then generate a report, this will show your exact problems or lack thereof. A recommendation is then made based upon the report as to what needs sorting out.

Step 3: We install

When we are on the installation part of the project we guarantee 3 things :

1.We do a quality job

2.We do it quickly (mostly within 1-3 days)

3.We keep everything tidy. Your house will be left in the same condition we found it in.

Step 4: Your home is flood protected

At this stage you’ll now have a fully flood protected house and you will receive:

1. A 3 year warranty on all parts of your Stormguard Floodplan protection.

2. A certificate detailing the work done for the insurance company to be able to re-assess your
insurance situation, resulting in lower premiums.

As you can see in our 4 steps and the above products/services the Stormguard Floodplan solution is as simple as it is comprehensive. From the moment you contact us you will be moving toward gaining control of your flood problems and solving them once and for all.

Below we have detailed a couple of case studies of previous customers, and how our flood solution helped them. Take a look and get in contact to see how we can help you.

Case Study

Max Forsyth, Cumbria

We chose Stormguard Floodplan to protect our main plant room to the hotel as we are are next to a fast flowing river which rises quickly. We had to make sure the products we got were the best of the best and we were not disappointed. A great job and needless to say, Floodplan come highly recommended.


Case Study

Alex Hogg, Blackwood Housing

Floodplan carried out a small installation for our association in Kilbirnie, Ayrshire, in 2010. We were so pleased with their flood installation work that we have given them further contracts to carry out on our behalf and they will continue to be our preferred option.