As we know, being a business owner means thinking ahead, it means five-year plans, and it means accounting for highs and lows in the market. These plans, however, could be swept away in an instance if a flood were to ravage your place of business and ruin your commercial property and products. You have CCTV and alarms to prevent theft and at Stormguard Floodplan we’d always suggest thinking about flood defences in the same way, as to prevent any unhappy flood-related surprises.

At Stormguard Floodplan we specialise in the installation of a variety of flood defences and services, including flood barriers, flood doors, sump pumps and more for both domestic and commercial properties. We undertake all our projects with the same high-quality commitment, and we like to think this shows in our customer testimonials.

Flood Barriers

A Flood Barrier differs from a Flood Door in that it is not a permanent fixture of your properties, and instead can be seen as a flood door for the door itself. Our barriers are also suitable for fire exits and are rigorously tested to the BSI Standard. Depending on the kind of commercial premises you have, you may also be interested in our Flood Fences.


Vaxseal Waterproofing is a flood-protection option for the exterior of buildings which is clear in colour, reduces thermal loss, and lasts up to 5 years. This option will prevent seepage into your brickwork, and is essential to think about installing, especially if your commercial premises is situated on a floodplain.

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