Living on the coast offers stunning views, however it also comes with the increased risk of flooding. Coastal storms and rising sea levels are a threat to your property which is why having a flood defence plan is crucial. Here at Stormguard Floodplan we have a range of flood defence systems we can install to help protect your home.

Flood barriers and fences are physical barriers which act as your home’s first line of defence and can be temporary or permanent. Temporary barriers are ideal for doorways and specific openings, while permanent options can surround your entire property. Flood fences offer a more permanent solution for larger areas. Remember, the right height and material for your flood risk is essential in order to fully protect your home.

Sump pumps are vital for managing groundwater. Installed in a cellar or crawl space, sump pumps automatically activate when water levels rise, pumping the excess away from your foundation. Regular maintenance of your sump pump, including testing and cleaning, is crucial to ensure it functions properly during a flood.

During heavy coastal flooding rising water levels can overwhelm sewage systems, causing a nasty backflow into your home. A sewage backwater non-return valve acts as a one-way check, allowing wastewater to flow out but stopping contaminated water from entering your property.

Our Flood Angel Airbricks are specifically designed to allow ventilation while keeping floodwater out. Traditional airbricks have large openings, allowing water ingress during floods. Flood Angel Airbricks feature a specially designed mesh or flap that allows air circulation but automatically closes when water pressure increases, preventing flooding through the vents.

To learn more about any of our flood defences for your costal property, or to arrange a flood survey to identify the best solutions for your needs, speak to a member of our team today.