As a commercial business owner, the safety of your employees and security of your building is likely to be important. With many of us spending roughly a third of our lives at work, ensuring that your business premises is safe and protected from any damage is an important investment to make. For those in a flood risk area, it is vital that this protection extends to flood defences. At Stormguard Floodplan, our professionals have extensive experience installing a range of our flood defences for commercial clients across the UK – from small hospitality venues to large shopping centres and everything in between.

FREE Flood Report

With a wide selection of different flood defences available here at Stormguard, our experts will begin by assessing your commercial property with our FREE flood survey. This allows us to understand the location and nature of your premises in detail, before recommending which of our flood defences are required. For properties located in a high flood risk area, we will identify any entry points which may allow water ingress in the case of flooding. Following this, we will provide you with a quotation for our protection services, without any obligation.

Our Commercial Flood Protection Systems

Once the vulnerable points of your premises have been established in our report, we can then begin to install your protection systems. Some of our most popular services for commercial properties include flood fencing, flood barriers, and sewage defence systems, to name but a few. Each of our flood mitigation items are designed to provide a superior level of protection against any flooding threat, as well as mitigating any potential damage.

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To ensure that your commercial business is fully protected from the risk of flooding, simply contact our team of experts today for your free flood survey. Call us on 0333 258 6724, or email