Looking for flood defences? Look no further than Stormguard Floodplan. Our wide selection of defences are expertly installed to defend your domestic or commercial property from the exponential damage that floods can inflict. From flood fences to flood doors and sump pumps, our dedicated and experienced team are here to ensure they are seamlessly fitted and you are left satisfied.

Our Defences

As touched on, our defences come in several different shapes and sizes. This is so that all out clients can achieve the maximum level of coverage for their properties regardless of property type. For example, the Stormguard flood barrier is suitable for business and residential buildings that don’t necessarily desire (or are unable to fit) a permanent fixture on the premises. These are a fast and efficient solution for areas where flooding may be more predictable, or seasonal. We offer a plethora of permanent solutions, such as the aforementioned flood doors and fencing, amongst much more.

Funding is regularly available in the form of government grants for flood protection. These grants are available from the government and do vary. Our team are on hand to take you in the best direction for your situation. Simply get in touch via the contact information below.

No-Obligation Survey

Take advantage of our no-obligation survey today. These surveys will assess the overall risk, along with appropriately outline areas for improving the flood defences of your property. If you have a budget in mind we will be able to take this into consideration.

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Contact a member of our team today and find out more about the government grants available to help you install flood defences. Call  01260 289 089 today, or email info@floodplan.co.uk.