During a flood, one of the more common ways that flood water can enter your home is through any standard airbricks that you may have. Airbricks are the small bricks containing holes, lying close to the ground level, which ensure that the area beneath your floorboards is sufficiently ventilated. Although essential when constructing properties, to aid in the reduction of damp, during a flood they could be responsible for letting as much 500 litres of water a minute into your home. Fortunately, at Stormguard Floodplan, we have a permanent flood protection solution, with our Flood Angel® Airbricks. Our expert installation can ensure that your property, whether a new or existing building, can receive ventilation whilst also preventing the permeation of water during flooding.

Why Flood Angel®?

As the world’s first British Standard recognised airbrick to protect against flooding to specification: PAS 1188-1:2014, the Flood Angel® is the most effective airbrick replacement on the market. Engineered to function as a standard airbrick during normal conditions, once water levels begin to rise, the unique mesh-insert within the design of the brick is self-activated. This then prevents any water or debris from passing through the brick and into your home. Fully compliant with the Code for Sustainable Homes, the Airbrick is made from recycled polypropylene so you can be assured of keeping your carbon footprint down. For the style conscious, the Airbrick is available in a range of different colours, ensuring that it seamlessly blends into the surrounding bricks of your property.

Complete Flood Solutions

Of course, the Flood Angel® Airbrick is only part of the complete flood solution services that we offer here at Stormguard Floodplan. Our other services include flood doors, sewage defences, and sump pumps, to name but a few. Should you wish to discuss your unique flood protection needs, our skilled advisors are always more than happy to create a bespoke plan for your home or business.

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