Basement flooding is a very real worry for many homes and businesses across the UK, and with threats from above and below ground the issue can often appear overwhelming. Stormguard Floodplan are the experts at hand to deal with such problems, and here we will explore the various ways in which you can prevent your basement from becoming submerged.

Sump Pumps

Our Sump Pumps, or Flood Pumps, are installed in the lowest part of your basement in order to remove any water that gathers there, preventing the room from being overwhelmed. The water will flow into the sump pit, where it will then carry the water away from your home. The pumps we install are capable of extracting 2650 gallons of water each and every hour, meaning you can rest assured that your basement will remain free from flooding.


Tanking is the process of creating a protective, waterproof layer in your basement. This process is perfect for the prevention of flooding from water coming in from above or below as it can be applied to the walls, floors, and ceiling of the basement. Tanking can be retrofitted or installed in new housing. Tanking is also suitable for listed buildings.

Other Services

Other services available for homes and businesses include Flood Doors, Flood Barriers and Flood Fences amongst others. Our products and services are all tried and tested to the appropriate standards. This includes the Flood Angel Airbrick, the first British Standard airbrick to protect against flooding.

Contact Us

If you’re interested in defending your basement against flooding, contact Stormguard Floodplan today on 0333 252 3332 or by emailing info@floodplan.co.uk.