Although a large proportion of flooding occurs in winter, flood events in summer are becoming increasingly common. This is most often due to large volumes of rain falling in over a short period of time, such as during thunderstorms, which are more likely to happen in the warmer months. As a result of climate change, the UK has experienced a marked increase in intense summer downpours, leading to localised flash flooding in many areas. This is particularly an issue for urban populations, where drainage systems can become overwhelmed with less open ground and fewer gardens for water runoff.

Flood Protection Solutions

Just in the past week, a major incident has been declared in Somerset, following short periods of heavy rain – unfortunately leaving numerous households and businesses severely damaged. With the unpredictable nature of flash flooding, investing in flood protection solutions for your property is important, in order to help reduce any potential damage. Here at Stormguard Floodplan, we provide an extensive range of flood protection products and services, helping our customers from across the country to be prepared for all weather eventualities.

Flood Doors and Barriers

With limited time to prepare for flash flooding, it pays to vary your approach to flood protection. Our removable flood barriers are a simple solution to stop water ingress, and are 100% watertight once installed to your home or business’ doors. For a more permanent solution, we also offer the option of installing flood doors to your entryways – with options ranging from standard front and rear doors, to glass patio doors. Once installed, flood doors will protect your property from up to 0.6m of water caused by flash floods.

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