If you are looking to convert your cellar or basement into a living area, it is important to take all the necessary steps to guarantee a dry space. Our team at Stormguard Floodplan provide an extensive range of flood protection solutions, which can offer optimum protection against water ingress and potential flooding. When referring to flood protection for homes, the terms ‘tanking’ and ‘waterproofing’ are often used interchangeably. However, as our blog explains, these two systems differ in their processes.

What is Tanking?

The term tanking is generally used to refer to the waterproofing of a basement, and involves the application of a thick membrane to the internal surface of the walls. This prevents the ingress of water, making tanking an effective solution for basements at risk of flooding from flood water coming in from above or below. Suitable for use in new build construction or for retro fitting, our tanking solution at Stormguard is made from recycled materials, and is designed to make basements fully watertight.

What is Waterproofing?

In contrast to tanking, waterproofing involves the use of sealants and coatings to protect the structure from water damage. Stormguard Vaxseal Waterproof is a clear sealant solution which can be applied to any exterior brick or stone walls, preventing the ingress of any long standing water. With a clear look to the sealant, there are no changes to the look of your brickwork, unlike the thick slurry that tanking provides.

Which Solution Will Protect My Property?

For those living within a flood risk area, with a basement in your property, both waterproofing and tanking are essential solutions in order to guard against floods. For those without a basement, only waterproofing is needed to seal your external walls, along with a range of other flood protection solutions to complement this.

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