In the face of the climate crisis and the increasing frequency of floods, protecting your property from potential sewage damage has become more crucial than ever. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of sewage protection, the various methods available here at Stormguard Floodplan, and how we can help you avoid the devastating consequences of sewage backflow during floods.

Sewage backflow poses a significant threat to homes, causing damage and health hazards. Backflow can occur during floods or sewer blockages, leading to contaminated water infiltrating your property. This not only damages your belongings and living spaces but also exposes you to health risks associated with sewage exposure. Additionally, vermin entering the property through the drains and the release of fumes from the sewer system further compound the challenges homeowners face in the event of a flood.

To address these risks it is important to invest in a comprehensive sewage protection solution. The first step is a thorough survey of your property and sewer system, something we can provide free of charge here at Stormguard Floodplan. This allows for a tailored approach to your specific needs. Two key products that form part of an effective sewage protection system are Flap Valves and Backwater Non-Return Valves.

A Flap Valve is a crucial component fitted onto the used water pipe leading away from a property. This 110mm thick pipe incorporates a non-return valve that allows normal water flow away from the building while preventing the backflow of overflow water caused by flooded sewage pipes. Once installed, a Flap Valve offers a permanent solution, safeguarding your property from sewage and wastewater backflow into toilets and ground floor or basement bathrooms.

Backwater Non-Return Valves are designed to prevent backflow through sink, dishwasher, and shower outlets. Available in sizes ranging from 32mm to 50mm, these valves are instrumental in protecting your property from sewage issues related to floods. Installing these valves ensures that water cannot re-enter your property, providing ongoing protection against sewage problems.

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