Stormguard Floodplan are the flood defence experts, fully trained and equipped to install several fantastic products to help keep you and your possessions safe in the event of a flood. One of these exceptional products includes Vaxseal, a waterproofing solution that is clear and lasts up to five years. This solution is applied to the external brick or stone walls of a building using Vaxseal technology.

This method is particularly useful in the wetter months of the year, especially if you live on a Flood Plain. Best utilised coupled with other methods of flood defence systems, such as flood fencing, barriers, or sump pumps, Vaxseal waterproofing will work to prevent any seepage that may occur. Don’t get caught out in the event of flood, make the most of your home and protect it with our specialised flood defences as soon as possible.


Similar in principle to waterproofing with Vaxseal, tanking involves protecting the inside walls of your basement with a strong layer of waterproof membrane. This method is fully compliant with the code for sustainable homes and is suitable for use in new and listed buildings alike. This slurry mixture is made from 100% recycled materials.

Stormguard Floodplan

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