For most people, a house is one of the biggest financial commitments made in a lifetime and so pre-purchase due diligence needs to be measured and careful. Just like any other investment, knowing what the return will be and how much you need to front initially can help you to make more informed decisions. For those considering a property in a previously flooded area, by a water source or even just on a floodplain, due diligence needs to be even more thorough and an assessment of the risk is key to ensuring the property’s safety and investment protection.

Initial Survey

Solicitors are required to conduct an initial survey on the home and take into account its history where flooding is concerned. While they may investigate previous instances of flooding, how close the property is to a potential flooding source and other environmental factors, they rarely consider how the home might be better protected. We highly recommend a survey by our flood defence experts who can properly assess the risk using our more specialised knowledge and be able to provide a quote for prevention measures that will secure the safety of the house.

Don’t Panic

Although it may seem daunting to live in a flood-prone area, the day-to-day reality is that flooding is rare and can be properly managed with the right defences in place. We may be used to seeing people whose homes have flooded in the media, having lost everything and left with huge repair bills, but when kitted out with preventative and reactive measures the chance of floodwater penetrating the home is hugely reduced and damages minimal.

Protect Quickly

Once you have decided to purchase the house and the contracts have been exchanged, you should install any recommended measures as quickly as possible. Not only will it prevent flooding but will make it easier for you to obtain home insurance quotes and could potentially even reduce the premiums.