Flooding occurs more frequently in Autumn and Winter and those living in areas prone to high tides, heavy rainfall or on flood plains need to be extra diligent at this time of year when it comes to flood defences. With a new year underway, those who need to make adjustments to their flood defences should do so as soon as possible to beat the heavy rain seasons. Our flood doors are one of the best ways that property owners can protect against floodwater without having to undertake groundwork or haul sandbags around.

Why Flood Door?

Flood doors are so popular because when they are not acting as a flood defence and holding floodwater at bay, they are functioning just like any other door would. Allowing entrance and exit of a building, the flood doors are hard to differentiate from a non-flood door and once fitted will protect a home from the intrusion of water from the largest possible access point, limiting damage. While normal doors are designed to withstand harsh rainfall and wind, they are not tightly sealed enough to stop standing water from seeping through, whereas flood doors are.

They’re Stylish

Many people wrongly assume that a flood door must be extremely heavy and clunky in order to hold back large expanses of water but that simply isn’t true. Far from being safe like doors that look imposing and differing from the general aesthetic of the home, flood doors are available in many styles, configurations and colours that look identical to standard doors. Stormguard Floodplan stocks a luxury range made in modern materials like wood and glass as well as varying styles like bi-fold, French and standard openings.

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