When it comes to stopping floodwaters from intruding into a property, the first line of defence should be outside of the building. While flood doors and barriers in doorways and entrance points to the home are solid solutions in flood-prone areas, keeping rising levels a far away from your home or business as possible is the key to minimising damage and ensuring that any resulting costs are low. Our flood defence experts can install a range of solutions around a property, to help protect against and prevent floodwater damage.

Flood Fencing

As one of the most robust forms of defence a property can have, flood fencing is ideal for any home that has land around it. Whether you have a front garden, back garden or can walk all the way around the house, flood fencing is installed on the perimeter of the plot to prevent water from street sewers, river overflows and even just large puddles from flowing into the grounds of a property. Just like a normal fence, our flood protection fences form a barrier around the property, but with one key difference. They are installed deep underground, making them sturdy against upthrust, resilient against groundwater and tough on the water above the surface too.


External waterproofing involves the application of Vaxseal waterproofing technology on the outside of buildings, which forms a clear and protective coat against water. Just like a waterproof coat, this method of defence prevents water from penetrating the layer, ensuring that seepage through bricks and mortar is kept to a minimum. It can be applied all over a building or just to a certain level, depending on where seepage may be greatest or where the water level is likely to rise too. As the sealant is clear, it will not affect the appearance of the property and stays protecting it all year round.

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