When most people hear the word flood, they think of rivers bursting their banks after heavy spring rainfall, or flash flooding after quick deluges, but flooding in the UK is a year-round risk, that only intensifies in winter. Our mild climate means we have a lot of rainfall, with most of this falling in the winter months either in the form of rapid rain, hail and sometimes snow. Making preparations for this season is key and it’s best to invest in flood defences before you need them so that if the time comes to deploy them – your property is ready to deal with it.

Pre-Season Prevention

If your home or business already has some flood defences installed, it’s a good idea to inspect them during the summer to ensure that they are working adequately, so you have time to make any necessary repairs and so you can assess your overall flood strategy. Firstly, check that all seals on installation such as flood doors, flood barriers and flood gates are airtight so that water will not be able to penetrate these areas. If you have one, test your sump pump to ensure that the battery backup will operate if the power goes out and make sure the pumping capacity is adequate for the building.

Clear the Blockages

Prevention is the first line of defence when it comes to protecting properties from floodwaters, and even those with flood defences, hoping to not have to use them. To prevent water from building up around your home in the first place, take steps to ensure drainage spots are clear from debris and able to carry water away. Clear out gutters which tend to gather moss and leaves and remove any potentially blocking materials from drain covers so that heavy rainfall has a clear, unobstructed exit path into the correct systems.

Install Protection

If you have been relying on sandbags and other rudimentary flood defences, it might be time to install some professional measures. Our flood defence experts can complete a survey of your home and create a bespoke defences plan that is holistic covering everything from doorways and windows to garages and sheds.

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