Business owners spend a large portion of their time making decisions and striving for success in the future by assessing income, expenditure and output. But no matter how carefully constructed your 5 year plan is, how many employees you have or how big the profits are, if the property isn’t adequately protected from flooding, this can be extremely damaging and costly. You use alarms and CCTV to prevent against theft and password and codes for security, but how ca you protect against flooding?

Protect Your Assets

Most businesses have assets regardless of industry or size, even if these are just telephones and computers, if they were to be damaged by floodwaters, the business would need to lay out for replacements and could experience downtime while new ones are installed. Flood proofing your workplace works to protect these assets by warding off floodwaters and ensuring there is minimal damage in the event of a flood. While you may think that flooding won’t affect you, the truth is that if you work near a river, coast, flood plain or even near a water line (we all do) then flooding is a real threat that should be taken seriously.

Proof your Premises

Protecting a commercial premises from flooding needs an approach that covers all possible entry points for floodwater and should be both internal and external. The best flood prevention plans take advantage of many lines of defence and should include solutions like flood fencing, flood barriers and flood doors which create a physical stopping point for water, as well as more reactive measures like sump pumps which can be employed to remove any floodwater that gets in underground.

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