The right flood protection measures can save property owners, residential or commercial, money and stress if a flood strikes in the area. Flood doors are one of the easiest and least disruptive ways to protect a building from floodwater intrusion and they can stay in place at all times, ensuring that the doorways are protected year-round. Flood doors and other means of protection are often in high demand after severe weather, so it’s best to take measures to protect your property before a deluge is forecast, starting with investing in flood doors.

Get a Survey

Installing a flood door is a forward-thinking and progressive step to deterring floodwater from entering your home or business, but alone, they won’t protect your property holistically. Flood doors should be used as part of a wider defence strategy that ensures all possible entry points are covered. While many act to protect doors and windows, often basements, air bricks and garden perimeters are not adequately preventive when it comes to flooding, so it’s best practice to get a survey from a flood protection company, who will assess which prevention methods are best suited to your needs.

Choose the Style

Our flood doors come in a range of styles that are suitable for doors of all shapes and style. As well as traditional front door UPVC models, Stormguard Floodplan can provide French doors, double doors, glass panelled doors and wooden doors meaning every property can benefit from flood protection. Our extensive range is suitable for new builds as well as period properties and our installation team are able to advise about the stocks, we have that are most appropriate for keeping within your property’s aesthetic style.

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