Stormguard Floodplan are flood protection experts and one of the many enquiries we get from homeowners is regarding how a sump pump installation will impact a property. More and more homes owners are converting their basements and cellars into additional rooms, to create more usable space in the property, or increase the resale value and so ensuring that the room is comfortable and safe to use is key. Many are concerned that the installation of a sump pump could upset their rooms aesthetic or be too much trouble to retrofit, but this simply isn’t the case.

Assessing the Needs

Before we install any sump pump or flood defence for that matter, we conduct a stringent site survey so that we can identify the lowest pump in the basement for installation. Taking into account other factors including other defences in place, overall flood risk and budget, our team will be able to make recommendations about whether or not a sump pump is right for you.

Installed with Experience

Once a sump pump installation is agreed upon, our team get to work installing the device, which starts with a hole being cut that is large enough to house the pump and the sump. This might seem daunting, but it isn’t as the top of the pump is often flush with the floor and pipe dug into the wall, so that it doesn’t impose on the space.

Keeping it Neat

Once in place, our team can fit covers for the sump pump, for both the wall and floor sections. This means that whether your room is an office, bedroom or living space your building’s aesthetic will be unaffected as your flood defences are tastefully disguised and can be decorated or covered with flooring to suit your style.

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