Protecting homes from flooding can be done in several ways and water tanking tends to be one of the lesser-known ways to do this. For houses prone to flooding, or for new builds in high flood risk areas water tanking can be one of the best ways to hold back floodwaters and prevent them from damaging the building and its contents.

What Is It?

Water tanking is a permanent anti-flooding solution that protects the basement or cellar of a property from flooding, both by preventing water entry from underneath the house if the water table rises and preventing any water from seeping through the walls or floors. In extreme weather, a rising water table can be devastating as it can rapidly move upwards, destroying everything in its path. Unlike other forms of flooding, fighting a rising water table is extremely difficult and pumping it out futile, so ensuring that the waterproof membrane across walls and floors, helps to create a watertight seal to prevent the internal of the basement from being filled with water.

Invisible Protection

One of the main attractions of water tanking is that it provides round the clock protection but without being visible at all. The membrane is applied to drywall and concrete foundations so that when it is installed, it is there for life! It can be easily painted or wallpapered over on the walls and on floors it can be carpeted or even built upon. This allows homeowners to style their home to their liking, without the protection causing an eyesore.

Is It For Me?

If you live in a flood-prone area, then it is easy to see the benefits of installing water tanking at your premises. However, even if you don’t live in a risky location, water tanking can help to transform an otherwise un-usable room. Most cellars and basements tend to be cold, damp and poorly ventilated, which means they are often unpleasant to spend time in and poor as storage facilities. By creating a watertight barrier against damp, water tanking can help you to make use of this space in your home and give you another room!